2022 Privacy Fellowship Intern



We work on complex technical and legal problems every day, and we’re looking for a privacy fellow with a love for data, technology, and privacy. In this role you will work closely with members of Stripe’s privacy legal team and cross-functional privacy teams to help develop procedures, playbooks and templates to help comply with privacy and data protection laws around the world.


  • Work across a spectrum of privacy, business, and strategic issues
  • Work closely with other members of Stripe’s privacy legal and cross-functional privacy teams to help develop procedures, playbooks and templates
  • Help ensure that Stripe’s practices, products and services comply with applicable law and our privacy and security commitments.
  • Contribute to Stripe’s privacy and data protection compliance program, including our continuous compliance efforts for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and similar data compliance operational work
  • Analyze existing and new legislative and regulatory developments to ensure that Stripe understands and remains compliant with evolving requirements


We're looking for someone who meets the minimum requirements to be considered for the role. If you meet these requirements, you are encouraged to apply. The preferred qualifications are a bonus, not a requirement.While relevant experience is useful, this starter role is more about potential and providing opportunity and experience to someone who has a demonstrated interest in privacy.

Minimum Requirements

  • Law School Student (3L or LLM) or JD Degree
  • Passionate about privacy and data protection with a desire to become a subject matter expert in data protection and privacy legal issues
  • Organized, with strong project management skills and the ability to work well on both long and short-term projects; willingness to partner on a wide range of projects
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Team player, willing to pitch in where needed in a fast-paced, growing company
  • Decisive, and capable of making smart decisions in the face of ambiguity and imperfect information
  • Capable of getting things done
  • Passionate about Stripe’s mission of helping businesses grow and thrive

Preferred Qualifications

  • Based in the Bay Area

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