Visual and Graphic Design Internship (Fall 2022)



Disclaimer: This position is expected to start around August or September 2022 and continue through the entire Fall term (i.e. through December/January) or into early Spring 2023 if available. We ask for a minimum of 12 weeks, full-time, for most internships. Please consider before submitting an application.

International Students: If your work authorization is through CPT, please consult your school before applying. You must be able to work 40 hours per week. Many students will be limited to part-time depending on their academic standing.

Internship Program at Tesla

The Internship Recruiting Team is driven by the passion to recognize and develop emerging talent. Our year-round program places the best students in positions where they will grow technically, professionally, and personally through their experience working closely with their Manager, Mentor, and team. We are dedicated to providing an experience that allows the intern to experience life at Tesla by including them in projects that are critical to their team’s success. Instead of going on coffee runs and making copies, our interns have a seat at the table and make critical decisions that will influence not only their team, but the overall achievement of Tesla’s mission.  


* Hawthorne, CA

About the Team

The Visual Design team is responsible for all internal and external graphic design needs throughout the company. In terms of customer-facing design, we create a lot of the sales, marketing and delivery content that our customers see. Additionally, the Visual Design team supports product development (vehicles, products, apparel) and we also support the design needs for all internal teams.


Interns will be working (virtually) alongside our team in creating designs for external and internal use. The scope of work will be very wide, and we treat the interns as if they are full-time team members. This means a lot of responsibility and exposure to work that has immediate relevance to our company’s mission. This internship (at least for the time being) will be one where the intern works from home.


(Specific project assignments and required technical aptitude will vary.)

* Must be working on a degree in a design field (preferably visual design, industrial design, UI/UX, graphic design etc)

* Would prefer juniors or seniors at the university level.

* Must be proficient in the Adobe creative suite of software

* Beneficial to have experience in photography, retouching, motion graphics, and illustration.

* Must be able to submit a portfolio showing both student and any previous internship work.

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